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Fil Rosè Trout
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Fish's origin
Farmed in Italy

A low temperature marinated trout fillet with a very particular technique that gives the product an incredibly soft texture and a pleasantly delicate flavour. All enriched by the strong aromatic notes of black pepper, which give a delicious roundness of taste to the palate. Because of the softness of its meat, Fil Rosè should be cut cold, into classic slices or 'into cubes' or 'into slices' and served strictly at room temperature, as an appetizer or main course. It expresses its best accompanied by a side dish of seasonal vegetables or embellished with fragrant aromatic herbs.

500g - 300g

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), salt, wine vinegar, 0.5% Tellicherry black pepper, sugar.

Production method
Low temperature marinated trout fillet