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Our methods
To be good, a trout must be a good trout!

We adopted this as our slogan because the processing techniques we use enhance the fish’s qualities rather than blanketing its flavour. Our salting and smoking methods could never cover any unpleasant flavours of non-fresh or incorrectly-farmed fish. To preserve its full flavour and aroma, we process our fish as soon as it is caught and maintain the cold chain throughout so our product will not deteriorate.


SALTING is done exclusively with dry salt, for a period that varies according to the fish’s weight. Two things happen during this phase: as the salt slowly penetrates the flesh, water drains out. This salting-and-dehydration combination prevents bacterial growth, the basic principle of any flesh transformation process.
Injection salting is an alternative to dry salting, used on an industrial level to increase the fish’s liquid content. The commercial advantages are obvious, at the expense, however, of product quality.


We use two SMOKING techniques, hot and cold. We choose one or the other depending on the kind of product we want. For example, in the case of Fil di Fumo we use the hot method, which is carried out at a temperature of 70°-80 °C, thereby smoking and cooking the fish at the same time.

On the other hand, La Regina di San Daniele is cold-smoked at less than 27 °C, which takes longer. The time required depends on the fish’s weight, the amount of fat in its flesh, ambient humidity, etc.
There are no precise formulas to stick to. The method calls for extreme care, sensitivity and lots of experience, something that is acquired only through a craft process such as ours.

The SMOKE is generated by the flameless combustion of white-wood flour or shavings. To these we add various aromatic berries and herbs which determine the products’ different flavours and perfumes.
The smoke and aromas must never cover the fish’s flavour but create a balance of flavours which enhance its characteristics. This is why we use a very light smoke.

Boning by hand


All our processes are totally preservative- and colour-free.