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La Regina di San Daniele in the East
Wednesday 22 October 2014

Dear friends, to start the new season of our degustation events we suggest a trip to the oriental cuisine.
Destination Japan , China, Korea , Indonesia to arrive in Thailand.
Theodora Hurustiati, chef and cooking teacher passionate about spices, will bring the Queen and her jewelry in a small trip to the East through its aromas and flavors.
Wednesday, October 22 at our dining room we will present and we will enjoy the following dishes:
- Sushi with ” La Regina” and ” Eggs Trout” , wasabi mayonnaise , candied ginger and soy
- Burger vapor made with “Sgombro Affumicato” (smoked mackerel), and kimchi
- “Fil di Fumo” with Sichuan pepper , sprouts salad and soy vinaigrett
- Lime Soup with mussels and “Branzino al Naturale”
- “Trota Chef ” with citrus, rice and turmeric and coconut sauce
- “Trota Chef ” in foil with Thai green curry
- Pineapple carpaccio with lemongrass syrup

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