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Learning about Friultota with chef Sabinot
Monday 4 November 2013

Chef Massimiliano Sabinot of Vitello D’Oro restaurant comes to visit us again!
With his customary skill, he’ll teach us how to make new, creative dishes and let us in on a few of his cooking secrets.
We look forward to seeing you in our dining room on Tuesday 12 November.

This is what we’ll enjoy:
- Welcome with a Baccalà Mantecato sandwich;
- An entrée that’s … a surprise!;
- Regina di San Daniele trout tartare with fennel juice;
- Stocco al Naturale, Biscay Bay anchovies and lime zest risotto;
- Mackerel Surprise;
- Destructured millefeuille, Tatin apples and vanilla-flavoured cream sauce

All accompanied by local wines
The chef will prepare the dishes and describe them step-by-step in our open kitchen