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Wild Smoked Salmon
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Our wild salmon are caught in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean in Alaska and Canada during Summer months only. Avaiable in three different versions:

RED KING:  Since ever is regarded as the most valuable salmon.  It can reach the weight of 15 kg. We process it with a particular technique that enhances the softness of its meat and its marked taste. Avaiable also in slices in 80g MAP packs.

SOCKEYE: the ‘Red Salmon’, is caught along the coast of Alaska. Its meat is very tasty and savoury. Avaiable also in slices in 100g packs.

COHO: from all wild salmon, the Coho meat is the leanest. Also known as ‘Silver Salmon’, it is caught while it runs up the freshwater rivers in Alaska.


RED KING and SOCKEYE  are also avaiable in slices in 100g packs:


Fish's origin
Caught in the Pacific Ocean, North-East.

Production method
Cold Smocked