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Leggere di Gusto
Wednesday, July 8, 2015

“Leggere di gusto” is not a cooking school, a competition of culinary skills, or a parody of television formats.
It is a meeting where throughout some literary pages, we will try to confirm a theorem in itself easy to be proved, but in reality often forgotten: the good and healthy food, and the creativity of a recipe are powerful tools to create conviviality, to meet and exchange ideas and experiences. Around a table often gather people with different tastes, with different personalities, and often with different cultures. Food then becomes the common denominator.
The creators of the “reading taste” evening will be

Paolo Patui,
artistic director,

Angelo Floramo
literary connoisseur

And Lucia Clonfero,
with her violin

They will read and play together, inspired by some literary passages taken from Italo Calvino, Luigi Pulci, Wislawa Szynborska, from the Futurist Manifesto of gastronomy, and other authors. An evening of variety of flavors and styles, where there will be room for laughter and reflection.
In addition to the interventions of the three conductors there will be room for refined tastings.
Promoted and supported by Mauro Pighin, Friultrota, the event will be held

Wednesday, July 8, at 8 pm
at the cozy space Morpurgo Palace in Udine

Free entry
Information and Reservations at:
0432 956560
347 4284379