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Hosomaki of Rainbow Trout
[ Trout ]
For 4 people:
200 g of "Regina di San Daniele" Rainbow Trout, extra virgin olive oil, 200 g of white rice, nori seaweed.

Steam the white rice.
Cut theTrout into sticks of about one centimeter on each side.
Cut a large leaf of nori seaweed in half, then place it on the special bamboo mat (if you prefer, you can cover it with cling film).
Spread some rice on the surface of the seaweed with moistened hands, leaving a couple of centimeters of seaweed free on the upper edge, place a stick of Trout in the center, brush with a few drops of rice vinegar, and if you like spicy, even a pin of wasabi.
Now take the bottom edge of the mat and, pressing the central ingredient inwards with your fingers, roll it all up like a roll, until you see the strip of seaweed not covered with rice, then advance the roll a little, so that the uncovered strip of nori seaweed seals everything. Let it rest for a while, then cut into chunks and arrange on plates with a few drops of EVO oil.

Recommended wine: Ribolla gialla collinare
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